Tree Felling

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The removal of dead trees or dead branches from a live tree does not require permission from the council. However, if the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation order, or within a conservation area then this may be a different matter. Braywood Tree Surgery can help you with such matters and make sure that the trees are being dealt with in a professional and legal way.

We are fully insured and highly experienced tree fellers providing the service for homeowners and local authorities. If a tree could potentially cause damage to your property or the surrounding area, then it is imperative to have an expert tree surgeon investigate the problem and look to resolve it immediately before any damage occurs

When it is necessary to remove a tree, it is important to plan the removal carefully, taking into account the fall direction and obstacles such as overhead power lines, roads and buildings.

If the tree is too unstable to climb, a crane may need to be used to guarantee the safety of our staff and your property..

Generally, trees are felled in sections. The upper branches are removed, with the aid of lowering ropes or where it is safe to do so, carefully dropped. The trunk will normally be sectionally felled but in some cases will be dropped into a designated zone.